Some TclMacBag widget screenshots

General Widgets

General widgets on Mac, Windows (XP) and X11

Above: The toolbar, combo, flatbutton, searchentry, text, listbox and helpbutton; Just a few of the widgets in this package.

TclMacBag's widgets, while designed to produce an appealing look on Mac, are also intended to render as platform appropriate on any other platforms they're used from.

PNB (Panther Notebook)

Panther Notebook (PNB)

A long awaited widget on the Mac platform when it first arrived, the PNB provides access to a Mac OS X 10.3+ style notebook for Tcl/Tk.

The standard Panther appearance (equivalent to the 'tnb' style above) will be native to Tk 8.6 (Tile) on Mac (Cocoa).

The PNB's styles are supported on TclMacBag from v0.18 onward.

Disclosure Frame and Disclosure Button

Disclosure buttons and frames

Disclosure buttons and frames: used on Mac to hide controls and detailed info until the user really wants to see them.



One of the extension's most popular widgets, the Stylebutton provides a number of attractive toolbar buttons. Plus, the gel-small style is great for using inline as a button to launch choice dialogs.



A button used for making a selection and causing an action.



The Actionbutton (aka "Gears" button).



The Scopebutton can be used to filter or sort values in a data display.



The Groupbox is a (rarely used) Apple alternative to notebook widgets.