TclMacBag - A bag of Mac widgets for Tcl/Tk


This Tcl/Tk extension allows developers to use attractive Mac styled widgets, knowing they'll be rendered platform appropriately on other platforms like Windows and X11. It shares Ttk/Tile's goal of a developer using one command in their code and the result appearing native on the platform it's running on. See the Widget Shots Gallery for a sample of what's available.


This extension package has always been intended as a bridge. It's the author's hope to have swathes of its functionality superceded by improvements to Tk and Ttk/Tile over time.


General Widgets:

Style Widgets:


Geometry, Frames and Things:

There are some Miscellaneous Resources used internally in TclMacBag which might also be useful in your apps.


TclMacBag's files can now be found at SourceForge.