TclMacBag - Bag of Mac Widgets for Tcl/Tk
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Example widgets

Some widgets compared on Mac, Windows & X11

Action and Viewbutton styles

PNB (Notebook) and Groupbox on Mac

PNB (Notebook) using Styles

Disclosure widgets on Mac

Disclosure widgets on Windows 7

Scopebutton on Mac


This Tcl/Tk extension allows developers to use attractive Mac styled widgets, knowing they'll be rendered platform appropriately on other platforms like Windows and X11. It shares Ttk/Tile's goal of a developer using one command in their code and the result appearing native on the platform it's running on.


Users of the Python language report that TclMacBag is "particularly easy to install" using Tkinter.

This extension package has always been intended as a bridge. It's the author's hope to have swathes of its functionality superceded by improvements to Tk and Ttk/Tile over time.

TclMacBag Commands

General Widgets:

Style Widgets:


Geometry, Frames and Things:

There are some Miscellaneous Resources used internally in TclMacBag which might also be useful in your apps.

Latest version

Version 0.20, released on 2010-03-22. See Changelog for changes.

TclMacBag's files can now be found at SourceForge.

Thia version, as well as older historical releases, are available.

Simply extract the compressed file and place its directory into your Tcl libraries directory. Remove any previous TclMacBag versions.

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