The helpbutton widget

In Brief

This command presents a platform native appearance button for the user to launch contextual help.


::tclmacbag::helpbutton pathName ?Options?

Available options:

::tclmacbag::helpbutton_Set pathName ?Options?

Available options:


grid [::tclmacbag::helpbutton .b -command { example_proc Configuration.html }]

Further Information

Typically, it's used for explaining the general purpose of the dialog and any concepts required for the user to make general decisions. (It shouldn't be used as a per-widget help button, as tooltips/balloon help are a better choice for this.)

One button should appear per dialog or per notebook tab (as needed), located at the bottom right hand corner but not within a status bar.

This widget cannot/should not be set to disabled and does not allow a programmer selectable image: the image is selected for you according to the platform.

As is standard, ::tclmacbag::helpbutton returns with value of pathName, for ease of use with geometry managers like grid and pack.