The searchentry widget

In Brief


The scopebutton provides functionality as described in Apple's Human Interface Guidelines: "The scope button is used in a scope bar to specify the scope of an operation, such as search." The button can be used to filter or sort values in a data display such as a listbox.


::tclmacbag::scopebutton pathName ?Options?

Required options:


grid [::tclmacbag::scopebuttonbutton .b1 -text "Test1" -value 1 \
  -variable scopetext -command [list puts $scopetext]]
grid [::tclmacbag::scopebuttonbutton .b2 -text "Test2" -value 2 \
  -variable scopetext -command [list puts $scopetext]]

Further Information

Per Apple's guidelines, this button should not appear in a toolbar at the top of the window or in a status bar/frame at the bottom of the window. It should appear in an interior frame/widget in the window adjacent to a data display that it will manipulate.

This widget cannot/should not be set to disabled and does not allow a programmer selectable image.

As is standard, this widget returns with value of pathName, for ease of use with geometry managers like grid and pack.

This widget was contributed by Kevin Walzer and was first introduced in TclMacBag v0.17.