Change Log

Recent Changes

Version 0.19

New: 'Mail' style for Action, Viewbutton and Stylebutton.

New: 'Clearcap' style for Action, Viewbutton and Stylebutton [Images contributed by Kevin Walzer].

(Released: 2009-09-06.)

Version 0.18

Improve: Combo on Mac now has a -background option.

Improve: PNB now supports all Viewbutton base styles (and, of course, 'tnb' the classic Panther notebook style).

(Released: 2009-08-11.)

Version 0.17

New: Scopebutton, both widget and documentation [Kevin Walzer].

New: 'Capsule' and 'Safari' styles for Action, Viewbutton and Stylebutton [Kevin Walzer, Peter Caffin].

Improve: Actionbutton now optionally accepts an -image option (choose from: gears, plus or minus) [Kevin Walzer, Peter Caffin].

(Released: 2009-07-30.)

Version 0.16

Bug fix: Found the cause of the image corruption on Windows for the Style Button 'simple' style (and the Search Button)... TkImg 1.4 has a nasty bug when doing a [image create photo -format GIF] from [$img data -format GIF] that Img 1.3 didn't have. Swapped that for [image create photo -format PNG] from [$img data -format PNG] and we're right as rain. Which means the Style Button 'simple' style is back in! Hurrah!

(Released: 2009-07-21.)

Version 0.15

Improve: PNB performance tweaks.

Improve: Dframe can now present without a controlling label (handy for easily creating hideable status bars and similar hideable frames) by calling it without one.

Improve: Better width tuning for combos on Mac, X11 and Windows using some font metrics.

Improve: Increased size of the dframe handle for Windows; it's now the same size as in Windows Explorer.

New: $::tclmacbag::ipad (inner pad) and $::tclmacbag::opad (outer pad) variables set appropriately depending on your theme.

New: $::tclmacbag::ipad, $::tclmacbag::opad, $::tclmacbag::thinpad variables defined to provide platform appropriate padding specs.

New: $::tclmacbag::ttkstylecmd variable defined which provides the Tile [style] or [ttk::style] command name, as appropriate for its version.

New: LeftClick, MiddleClick and RightClick events.

Removed: 'simple' style for viewbutton related widgets, due to that middle-button-down image being corrupted to black on a number of platforms. No amount of recreation of the image with different palettes was able to resolve it. Likely related to something that changed in Img 1.4 or recent Tile/Ttk, but, not really worth chasing up at this stage.

Bug fix: Various minor tweaks.

(Released: 2009-07-05.)

Version 0.14

(Version 0.14 was not released.)

Version 0.13

Change: 'package require Img' only occurs if Tkimggif and Tkimgpng are not already loaded. See this FAQ entry for reasons why.

New: -font option for dframe. This controls the font of its label.

New: Disclosure Dialog (DDialog) widget.

Improve: Dframe toggle triggers a configure event. This assists widgets such as scrollbars update their information for the user.

Change: Tweak to Actionbutton's menu placement.

Bug fix: Alignment issue on Mac for user images in Viewbuttons, Stylebuttons and other widgets that internally rely on them. This seems to have been caused by a minor change in Tile between 0.7.8 and an early 0.8.x release. Thanks to Joe English for suggesting the fix.

Bug fix: Mousewheel fix for the Scrollframe on Mac OS X, by Kevin Walzer. Windows and X11 are affected by this reported Tk bug, meaning it can't be fixed for these platforms at present.

(Released: 2008-05-05.)

Version 0.12

New: Actionbutton widget. Supports the same style set as Viewbutton and Stylebutton.

Improve: Various tweaks to Windows versions of DFrame and DButton widget appearance.

Improve: Demo script tweaks.

Bug fix: Platform selection in DFrame and DButton.

Bug fix: Box frame now works with Windows (XP and Classic tested) and X11. Further issue with Windows and Tile 0.7.8 sorted out. Many thanks to Joe English for the kind assistance.

Bug fix: Searchentry now has a specific style for X11/Windows Classic, as the 'XP greyscaled' approach wasn't working as intended.

Bug fix: Various Searchentry fixes for Tile 0.8.x (Tcl/tk 8.5).

Bug fix: Viewbutton and Stylebutton now perform checks to ensure that an element has not been created before (for example if the widget is destroyed and recreated using the same path). This is a work-around as there is no 'style element configure' or 'style element delete' support in Tile.

Bug fix: TAP file now suitable for Tcl Dev Kit 4.x.

Change: Scrollbar alias changed to a proc. This ensures we use the current theme rather than: a native scrollbar if the theme on Mac is actually somehting like 'Alt' or 'Classic', or, the one in use when 'package require tclmacbag' was called. Cheers to Kevin Walzer for spotting an issue with the previous version when called from X11 (not Aqua) on Mac.

Change: 'package require tile' now not checked in Tcl/Tk 8.5 and above. Applied to all widgets.

Change: Background colour for disabled ::tclmacbag::text boxes on XP changed to white.

Version 0.11

Improve: 'package require tile' no longer called for Tcl 8.5. Shouldn't really be an issue for a while, but, better safe than sorry.

New: Disclosure Frame widget.

New: Box Frame widget.

New: Disclosure Button widget.

New: -autoresize option for the dbutton and dframe widgets.

(Released: 2008-01-13.)

Version 0.10

Bug fix: PNB was losing its selection tab buttons when both of the following conditions are met: (1) the widget is destroyed and then recreated with the same pathName, and, (2) [wm resizable] has been set to Off values.

Bug fix: Same issue as above, with the Groupbox.

(Released: 2008-01-02.)

Version 0.09

Bug fix: Tk text and listbox components now expand fully on resize within their respective TclMacBag widgets (eliminates the effect where it had been possible for the end user to click into the ttk::entry component).

Improve: Stylebuttons now stretch appropriately with long input. -text option now supported.

New: Viewbutton widget, including -text support.

Improve: Cell divider lines added for Pill's left and middle buttons in the group button collection (affects Stylebutton and Viewbutton).

New: PNB (Panther style notebook) widget for Mac and non-Mac platforms.

New: Scrolledframe widget which supports Pinstripe without texture misalignment.

Bug fix: Various [$stylecmd default ...] commands replaced with [$stylecmd configure ...]. The latter works for both Tile 0.7.8 and 0.8.x.

New: Groupbox widget for Mac and non-Mac platforms.

Improve: Spacing settings tweaked for PNB and Groupbox.

New: Scrollbar. It's just a per platform alias to Tk's scrollbar or the Ttk/Tile one.

Bug fix: Misc fixes to improve operability with Tile 0.8.x. Cheers to Kevin Walzer for the testing.

Improve: Conversion of Text and Listbox widgets to use Snit, which greatly improves their ease of use (they act and are controlled almost entirely list standard Tk versions of themselves).

(Released: 2007-12-31.)

Version 0.08

Bug fix: Work-around for Tile/Ttk 0.8.0 namespace changes: 'style' command is only accessible using 'ttk::style'.

Bug fix: Work-around for Tile/Ttk 0.8.0 namespace changes: ::tile::currentTheme is now ::ttk::currentTheme.

Improve: searchentry background handling for pinstripe backgrounds (where no -background colour is used).

Bug fix: The flatbutton now emulates the behavior where the user clicks down on the button but moves their mouse away from it and then releases. Standard behavior is that the button press should be cancelled. Previous versions were registering them as clicks.

Bug fix: The helpbutton now follows the same new flatbutton behavior.

New: toolbar command added: handles the toolbar button on the Mac platform.

New: Manual method added and documented for setting toolbar state.

(Released: 2007-12-07.)

Version 0.07

Change: 'pill' style now made default for stylebutton (as per the code comment). Previously, it was 'steel' (probably a hang-over from some testing).

Bug fix: colorframe now copes with -force yes if -background is not set.

Bug fix: Removed typo which managed to appear in searchentry between pre-release testing and zipping up the archive of 0.06. Affected users of Tile 0.7.8 and prior.

(Released: 2007-12-04.)

Version 0.06

Bug fix: stylebutton's Tile 0.8.x handling. Thanks to Joe English on the Tcl Chat.

(Released: 2007-12-04.)

Version 0.05

Improve: Code clean-up in stylebutton.

New: Initial but untested handling of style format changes in Tile 0.8.x.

New: Non-Mac platform handling for stylebutton.

New: -image option for searchentry.

Improve: Background in searchentry used only when -background called. Ensures we keep pinstripe where needed.

Bug fix: Work-around for Tk bug 1785511 ("unknown display passed to Tk_PreserveColormap") in searchentry.

Bug fix: Work-around for Tk bug 1785511 in stylebutton.

Bug fix: Work-around for Tk bug 1785511 in flatbutton.

Bug fix: In the Mac style of the combo widget, bind -postcommand to menu posts rather than when the menubutton is clicked.

New: wrapper widget for Tk text to provide Tile/Ttk appearance.

New: wrapper widget for Tk listbox to provide Tile/Ttk appearance.

(Released: 2007-12-04.)

Version 0.04

Improve: pillbutton superceded by stylebutton. The stylebutton supports a number of fixed dimension button styles including: pill, steel, chrome and gel. The flatbutton widget is unaffected by this change.

New: Position variations for appropriate stylebutton styles: left, middle, right.

Improve: User image lightening/greying for stylebutton's disabled state on Mac platform. Tile disables this entirely due to poor platform support for image stippling.

(Completed: 2007-12-02.)

Version 0.03

First limited release, with the following widgets: combo, searchentry, flatbutton, pillbutton, helpbutton, colorframe and toplevel.

(Released: 2007-11-29.)