The actionbutton

In Brief


On Mac, this command presents a platform native appearance button for the user to open a menu with actions to choose from.

On other platforms, this widget is not rendered at all as the Action button is Apple's (rather unimpressive) response to the limitation of old Macs only supporting one mouse button as standard.

Programmers should also bind their menu to a right-click on an appropriate widget for non-Mac platforms.

This command is likely to be available in v0.12.


::tclmacbag::actionbutton pathName ?Options?

Available options:


grid [::tclmacbag::actionbutton .b -menu .menu]

Further Information

Usually, only button should appear per dialog/notebook tab, generally located in the toolbar.

This widget cannot/should not be set to disabled and does not allow a programmer selectable image.

As is standard, this widget returns with value of pathName, for ease of use with geometry managers like grid and pack.