The searchentry widget

In Brief

On Mac, this command presents the distinctive round-edged Search Entry widget. On other platforms, it defaults to a standard entry widget.

When using this widget, its options are much the same as for the standard Tile entry widget apart from an extra one controlling the Mac version's background colour.


::tclmacbag::searchentry pathName ?Options?

TclMacBag options:

Tile entry options:

See: The Tile entry manual.

Further Information

If you need a "metallic" colour, try #b2b2b2 for a dark grey colour instead (and set that as your frame's background colour too).

As is standard, ::tclmacbag::searchentry returns with value of pathName, for ease of use with geometry managers like grid and pack.

This version of the Search Entry widget allows you to have a different background colour for each created widget if you really need it.

For this widget, there is no ::tclmacbag::searchentry_Set command. Modify its properties using $w configure as per the Tile manual.

In the unlikely event you need to change the background colour of the widget once it has been created, use:

  style configure $w.Search.entry -background Colour
In the above example, $w refers to the name of your searchentry widget.